7187 Time-Digital-Converter Individual Start & Stop



The Model 7187/H TDC implements 16 channels of Time to Amplitude Conversion (TAC), each with its own START and STOP, followed by a digital processing section and CAMAC interface in a double width CAMAC module. To minimize data readout time, the module performs a sparse data function. Channels can be individually programmed with pedestal correction and both lower and upper level thresholds. Digitization starts following release of the GATE input. It may be delayed by a user-programmable amount to allow time for derivation of fast CLEAR signals.

Channels that meet the sparsification requirements will have corresponding bits set in the Hit Register. Subsequent events will be ignored until the Hit Register is cleared either by completing a sparse read of the module or via front panel fast CLEAR or CAMAC Clear commands.

Four user selectable time ranges are provided in a given configuration:

Standard Configuration Alternate Configuration
Range Resolution Range Resolution
100 nSec 25 pSec 1 µSec .25 nSec
200 nSec 50 pSec 2 µSec .50 nSec
400 nSec 100 pSec 4 µSec 1.0 nSec
800 nSec 200 pSec 8 µSec 2.0 nSec

Note: All channels need not have the same scale factors. Custom ranges are available when ordering.

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