7177 Variable Gain Preamplifier



The Model 7177 is a high performance variable gain preamplifier with eight independent channels packaged in a single width CAMAC module. The wide bandwidth from DC to over 200 MHz is maintained regardless of the gain setting and is designed to be used with photomultiplier detectors producing negative output pulses. Each channel provides a non-inverting voltage gain from 2 to 50, variable with a 15-turn potentiometer, a DC offset control and two outputs capable of driving 50 ohms each.

Excellent stability at both DC and higher frequencies allows for cascading of channels to achieve gains in excess of 500, while maintaining pulse fidelity without significant overshoot or baseline drift. The DC offset control can easily compensate for offsets due to variations in source impedance or differences in signal grounding.

The output stage is a low impedance voltage source design with short circuit protection. No damage can occur from overloading or continuous shorts to ground. The outputs are capable of driving two 50 ohm loads for fan out of the amplified signal. However, unused outputs may be left unterminated with no adverse effects.

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