7176 Photomultiplier Preamplifier



The Model 7176 provides 16 independent, direct-coupled amplifiers in a single width CAMAC module. Each channel has a non-inverting voltage gain of 10, operates from DC to 275 MHz and drives a 50 ohm output. It's designed for use with fast photomultiplier detectors having negative going output pulses.

This amplifier exhibits excellent DC and high frequency stability. Two channels can be cascaded to obtain voltage gains of 100 while maintaining good pulse fidelity without significant overshoot or baseline drift. Each channel has an internal DC offset adjustment allowing for compensation of the DC output due to variations of input source impedance or grounding differences.

The output stage is a low-impedance voltage source design with short-circuit protection. No damage will occur from overloading or continuous shorts to ground. The output stage is designed to drive either one or two 50 ohm loads, however, unused outputs may remain unterminated with no adverse effects.

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