705 Octal Discriminator



The Model 705 was specifically designed for modern experiments with large counter arrays, offering high performance and reliability at a reasonable cost. The 705 features eight (8) totally independent channels with individual threshold and width controls. In addition, a fast veto input and a summed output are common to all channels.

Each channel has a threshold adjustment continuously variable from -10 mV to -1 Volt with a front panel test point providing a DC voltage ten (10) times the actual threshold setting. Likewise, each channel has a non-updating regeneration circuit for adjustable output widths from 6 nSec to 150 nSec.

A unique summed output is common to all eight channels providing -1 mA of current for each activated channel, thus allowing a fast decision to be made on the number of channels simultaneously hit. Up to 16 channels can be "OR'D" directly by cable to other summed outputs allowing a versatile scheme to form a trigger.

A fast veto input allows simultaneous inhibiting of all channels to reject unwanted events early in the system. Similarly, a bin gate will inhibit the entire module when applied via the rear connector.

The outputs are the current source type with one pair of negative bridged outputs and one complement for each channel. When only one output of the bridged pair is used, a double-amplitude NIM pulse (-32mA) is generated, when both connectors are used normal NIM levels (-16mA) are produced. The outputs have crisp, clean transitions, and their shapes are unaffected by the loading conditions of the other outputs.

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