6908 Single Channel 300 MHz Amplifier/Discriminator



Utilizing the most advanced technology, the Model 6908 Discriminator boasts a 300 MHz continuous repetition rate capability. The updating feature ensures deadtimeless operation for coincidence applications, while the double-pulse resolution is a remarkable 3.3nSec for counting applications. A fifteen-turn potentiometer provides continuous output width adjustment from 2nSec to over 50nSec.

The threshold is variable from -1 mV to -100 mVolt with a fifteen-turn potentiometer. The threshold setting is easily determined from a test point that provides a DC voltage equal to ten times the actual threshold setting.

Inhibiting of the discriminator is accomplished by a Veto input which accepts a NIM level pulse for fast vetoing. The fast veto is capable of inhibiting a single pulse from a 300 MHz input pulse train.

The outputs are the current source type with two pairs of negative bridged outputs and two complements. When only one output of a bridged pair is used, a double-amplitude NIM pulse (-32mA) is generated for driving long cables with narrow pulse widths. The outputs have transition times of less than 1.5nSec, and their shapes are virtually unaffected by loading the outputs in any combination.

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