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We have received numerous requests to add a technical area to our website.  More Q & A will be added in the weeks to come.

ALL ADC's QDC's and TDC's  - 7164, 7166 (7167), 7186 (7187)

Questions:  Why do I need a Software "Z" when I power-up?
1) I just received my new TDC, QDC or ADC.  Can you help me get started programming it?
2) What is meant by Conversion Time?   Is it for each channel or is it for all 16 channels?
3) What is the purpose of the "Conversion Delay Jumpers" on the rear of the module?
4) What is the Gatti jumper for?
5) When the LAM is set and I read the module, it doesn't have any data. Why?
6) The first time I pole the LAM with F(8), I get data.  I clear the LAM with F(10) but thereafter, the LAM never comes on again.  Why?
7) The "H" (Header) version of the Module has 17 pairs of connectors for only 16 Input channels.  What is the extra pair for?
8) How can I use the Hit Register and Sparsification?
9) What is 2's complement and how do I use it.?

 TDC's  - 7186 (7187)
1) The module works OK in COMMON START mode, but when I change the jumper in the rear to COMMON STOP, the module reads Zero or Full Scale.   I reversed the input cables. (COMMON Input to Channel 1 Input, & Channel 1 Input to COMMON Input).  Is that Correct?
2) What is the 20ns internal offset and how do I use it?
3) What do the Pedestal, Upper and Lower Thresholds correspond to in time?
4) When I remove the Upper Jumper on the rear of the module, the full scale range doesn't change from 100nSec to 1uSec as the manual implies

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