The module works OK in COMMON START mode, but when I change the jumper in the rear to COMMON STOP, the module reads Zero or Full Scale.   I reversed the input cables. (COMMON Input to Channel 1 Input, & Channel 1 Input to COMMON Input).  Is that Correct?

Even though you changed the COMMON Jumper in the rear of the module, the Front End is still in COMMON START mode.  The purpose of this jumper is for the Internal 1/3, 2/3 tests [ F(25) A(1) & F(25) A(2) ] which send the START & STOP signals to the front end at the proper time.  To change to COMMON  STOP mode, you also must change the Jumpers in each channel as shown in the manual and repeated here.

Jumpers J4 through J34 (even numbers) determine COMMON START or COMMON STOP mode.

COMMON Start or Stop Jumpers
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