The first time I pole the LAM with F(8), I get data.  I clear the LAM with F(10) but thereafter, the LAM never comes on again.  Why?

Even though the LAM is cleared with F(10),  the module can not take data again until the Hit Register is cleared.  This is will enable the front end to accept data again.  An F(11) A(3) will clear the Hit Register and Reset the LAM at the same time.

Sample Procedure
Clear Module
Enables LAM
External Gated Event
External Test Event
* F(8) Loop
Test LAM looking for Q=1
F(0) A(0)
Read channel 1
F(0) A(1) thru F(0) A(15)
Read Channels 2 thru 16
F(11) A(3) Clears the Hit Register, Data Memory and Resets the LAM so you can accept another external event.  ( An F(10) will Reset LAM but will not clear the Hit register)
 Go to 3rd step  (External Gated Event) and repeat the procedure.

* An F(8) Loop
can be used to Test the LAM  by continuously polling the module and looking for Q=1.  The module will not accept this command until the conversion cycle has completed. therefore the Q should = 0 until the module is ready to be read.

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